Godly Suffering


Bible Readings:

Daniel 1:8-16, Acts 5:27-42, Hebrews 11:23-27

Speaker: Mr. Andrews Asante Henaku(ALUMNI)

From the composer of the song “Ancient Words” which says “holy words of our
faith handed down to this age Came to us through sacrifice …” the composer
is trying tell us how unchanging and important the word of God is. As such
we are being admonished as Christians not to mistreat the word of God because
people lost their lives for it.

From Philippians 1:29, we are being told to share in Christ suffering and not
just believe in him and enjoy the blessings he bestows us with. God’s purpose
for us is to glorify us. However, between now and the glorification we must also
share in Christ’s suffering (Roms 8:16, 17).

Moses had access to all the treasures of Egypt because he was raised by Pharaoh.
Yet still, he chose to suffer with the people of God. How many Christians of this
day and age will do a thing such as that which Moses did. We jump to receive the
blessings prophets speak into our lives. Sadly, should a prophet prophesy that
we have been chosen to share in Christ’s suffering, many of us will whine and groan.

What we are not aware of is that, sharing in Christ’s suffering is a privilege.
Daniel denied himself of the king’s food and drinks because he did not want to
defile himself with it. The apostles according to acts 5:27-42 counted it worthy
to suffer shame for Christ.

To suffer for Christ means:

1. To submit your will to the will of Christ.
2. To live by the principles of God.

The issues on campus cannot be compared to the issues in the world. There are more
serious issues in the world not which the issues we face on campus can much up to.
Fortunately, God is greater than the issues of life so anytime you are confronted
with problems gaze your eyes on eternity. These days pornography is all around and
can even be found on the mobile phones of many students. What we need to do is to
study the word of God diligently and be disciplined.

Finally Godliness brings us contentment. As Christians, we must exercise our faith
in the midst of pleasures not only in the midst of trials. We are also advised not
to let our feelings determine our actions because our feelings can cause us to take
the wrong actions.

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