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Name: Derrick Incoom
Programme: Economics 4
Wings: Royal Generation Choir
Alma mater: Pope John's Senior High 
My name is Derrick Incoom, a final year student offering Economics. I was born on 
15th April at Koforidua in the Eastern region. We are a family of seven comprising my
parents, four strong guys and a lady as a sister. I happen to be the second born. I
was privileged to have attend Pope John's Senior High and Minor Seminary where I held
a position as the chief class rep for the Christian union and also a leader of a
non-denominational group on campus. Life on campus I would say has not been easy but
then it is only the grace of God that keeps me moving through. He never gave us a
promise that, the journey would be easy, but the assurance is that He is with us.

Okay so for my personality, those who really know me know that I really like talking
and worrying a lot. I like to have my presence felt not for the reason of getting
attention but rather to make the people around me very happy. Some of us are just born
to make people laugh by taking away their pain and sorrows if there are any. I am a
jovial person but very alacritous when it comes to the things of God. When it comes to
positions, I have held just a few of them. In 2017, I was the deputy organizing
secretary for the Economics Students Association and also the General secretary for
Economics Christians fellowship. In 2018, I was the music director for the fellowship.
At NUPS-G KNUST, I was the Committee Chairman for Project 2017/2018. I then became the
University Hall rep in 2018/2019 academic year and I am currently the Off Campus

Getting to know when I came to Christ, I think I had the foundation right from childhood
but I recall an encounter at the senior high school where I encountered God for myself
by virtue of a ministration from my music president. The journey has been good so far
where day in day out, we continue to have an intimate relationship with Him. I belong
to The Royal Generation Choir and I am proud to say emphatically that I have not
regretted joining it. NUPS-G KNUST is a wonderful family to be part of. It is a union
where you would meet different people from different background with different ideologies
and spiritual levels and when we meet to fellowship, we exhort one another and that makes
the essence of a church a reality. I thank God for the opportunity to be part of such a
wonderful family.

For challenges, sincerely speaking I see them to be part of the Christian journey so I
don’t keep track records of them but all that I can say is that in times of trials and
temptations, do not give up because the one who has called you is very much aware of all
that you are going through and of course He will strengthen you to overcome them.
Studies has been good so far. We are still sailing through even though it gets tougher
and tougher as you climb the academic ladder. When it comes to the issue of balancing,
I see it to be the sole responsibility of the individual regardless of the number of
portfolios you may be holding. In other words, if you fail, you have rather disappointed
God and not the other way round. Spend time to study.

I like singing, reading and dancing. You would apparently find me doing one of these
during my leisure time. I don’t see anything wrong with believers in a relationship
provided it doesn’t affect their relationship with God and moreover their academics.
And of course if you give all your attention to your partner including your time with
God, then it means that your partner now becomes your God. So my general advice to all
those in a relationship is that let Christ be the foundation of your relationship so
that you don’t give room for a compromise. The standard is still the same and will not
change and that is, to please God, you need to flee from sexual immorality. Do more of
things that makes you spiritual and not emotional.

Walking in God's love is the whole duty of man. If we are able to understand and
practically walk in the Love of God even though it is not easy, we would be able to sail
through and be called good and faithful servants in the long run. If you really want to
have an intimate relationship with God, then you would have to check on your love life
with God and also that for Humanity. Let’s not sjudge people irrespective of all that
they may have done. Criticize constructively and pray for them. If for nothing at all,
just look at how Jesus went about with issues related to judgement. Shalom.

NUPS-G...for Christ...

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