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Kwadwo Boahene
Name:  Kwadwo Kyei Boahene
Programme: Quantity Surveying 2
Wings:  Choir
Alma mater:   Presbyterian Boys, Legon

My name is Kwadwo Kyei Boahene. I was born on 2nd February, 1998 at Korle Bu teaching
hospital at exactly 6:15pm. I am in a family of four with a baby brother. I hailed 
from the Oakland: the Odade3 Fraternity. I held quite a number of positions during my
Presec days: choir general secretary, NUPS-G Vice General Secretary, Deputy E.I.C of 
the school's Editorial Board, Civic Club Vice Organising Secretary, just to list a 

One thing I have learnt via my life experience is that life is what you make it. 
Campus is all I expected it to be, full of freedom. You can choose to party or learn 
or pray or not sleep or chill. Nobody is going to stop you. I am an open minded 
explorer and I like to think of myself as shy and reserved but that’s not what others
think. I am seen as very outspoken, confident and bold. I like to make people happy.

As for my Christian life, I can't say if I am very committed or not. I attend church 
and do all that is expected of a Christian but I do not consider myself as a 
Christian but a believer of Christ. In KNUST, I have decided not to hold any 
leadership role so nobody expects much of me. I was born in a Christian family so I 
got the chance and choice to start knowing Christ from Sunday School. I am in the 
Choir wing. I have always been a music person and I prefer classicals, anthems, 
hymns and choruses to contemporary music, so I had decided the wing to join long 
before coming to KNUST. NUPS-G service is always heartwarming and mind blowing 
and very educative every time.

What I can say about challenges in life is that they are there to make us stronger 
and also we don’t have to make the result of the challenges make or unmake us; we 
don’t have to let it determine our faith, only God can do that. Balancing my academic
work with my spiritual life and other aspects of my life was, is and will never be a 
problem since I make to do lists, timetables, schedule meetings and all. I like to 
read, write, sing, think, imagine, watch movies and sleep. My view on believers who 
are in relationships is quite simple. I wouldn’t say it’s good nor bad: there are 
healthy and unhealthy relationships, so it depends which one they are involved in. 
All I can say is that if you don’t see marriage within two - three years in a 
relationship, don’t get involved in it.

This semester’s focus; knowing God experientially has really opened my eyes and I 
believe others too, about a whole lot of things. One thing that I believe will stick 
with me is the fact that we are limited beings serving a limitless God so we can’t 
finish knowing Him. He is an infinite God so I am going to experience a new part of 
him daily. I will like to end by saying, the world is what it is and will forever 
remain the same, so quit complaining, get up, look forward, set priorities straight 
and never look back regretting. And remember God first, others in the middle and 
yourself last.
NUPS-G...For Christ...



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