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Name: Linda Nkansah Antwi
Programme: Land Economy
Wings: Coordinate
Alma mater: Krobo Girls Presby 
My name is Linda Nkansah Antwi. I was born on 15th October, 1996 at Accra. My father
is Mr. William Amponsah Antwi and my mum is Mrs. Anita Asiedu Antwi. I have two 
siblings and I am the last born. I live with my parents at Nsawam in the Eastern 
Region. I attended Krobo Girls Presbyterian Senior High School. 

Life on campus can be described as undulating. It comes with a lot of ups and downs, 
peace and troubles as well as joy and sorrow. Some semesters were very challenging 
and others were so smooth. Nonetheless, the pursuit of a latter glory and the love 
and from family and loved ones kept me going. One key thing I learnt from my 
experiences on campus is resoluteness. Resoluteness is one very key thing that is 
needed in every aspect of one's life. Our walk with Christ and even in our academic 
life. In some decisions and choices, I had to be very firm considering the ultimate 
standards of a Christian. 

I would say I am hybrid in that I carry features of both an introvert and extrovert. 
I am the type who always gets comments like "I never knew you were this affable, I 
would have approached you earlier if I knew this". I like to make new friends but 
I'm sometimes very reserved. I am driven by the words in Colossians 3:23 and so I 
tend to be passionate about everything I find myself doing. I love being with 
children as well.

I have served in these portfolios in NUPS-G KNUST: Ushering Wing representative, 
Ushering Wing Secretary and NUPS-G KNUST General Secretary. I was born into a typical 
Presbyterian home so I actively partook in all activities at church. I played roles 
during the Children's Day which included being service leader, reading Bible, 
recitals, drama, choreography and many others. I had my actual encounter and 
experiential knowledge of Christ when I was in JY. It was wunderbar. I am in the 
Ushering Wing and Coordinating Team - very outstanding wings in NUPS-G KNUST. I 
joined Ushering wing because of my passion to serve. I also wanted to work on my 
extrovert nature. I loved the wing and learnt more than I could ask, from decor to 
the smiles, patience to politeness, my courage and many others. 

I also joined the Coordinating Team because of the delight I got from seeing 
Coordinators when I was in Senior High School. I wanted to encourage SHS students 
and be a source of inspiration to them. I learnt a lot about the Union from the 
Coordinating Team. Got to be a model to a lot of our members at the Senior High 
Schools. Became more outspoken and grew spiritually as well. Joining these two wings 
helped me learn to coordinate my activities very well because my weekends were always 
occupied. It built my relations with others and helped with my self confidence. I 
made a lot of friends and had life time sisters from these wings. 

Every NUPS-G service I partake in unravels mysteries in special boxes. The services 
have impacted every aspect of my life and I'm glad I joined this wonderful family. 
I am able to combine my academics and church life effectively and efficiently because 
I know myself, examine my capabilities and active periods. I make optimal use of any 
free time I got because it was very important. I make sure I do the right things at 
the right time. 

I love to read, watch movies or sleep well at my leisure time. I am single. I believe 
grabbing or being in a relationship is more like a stepping stone to marriage, it 
enables you basically know your partner well. It becomes inappropriate when you do 
the wrong things in the relationship forgetting that God is actually very interested 
in our relationships and emotional lives. I believe that when Christ is the center of 
the relationship and the relationship does not pull you physically, psychologically, 
spiritually, emotional and mentally and it's according to the perfect will of God, 
you are good to go. But one thing I will remind us is the value patience and our 
worth as Christians.

I believe that the intimacy in the secret place is a kind of knowing that produces 
special kind of results after visiting a sacred place. Intimacy goes beyond service 
and activeness in the vineyard because God called us unto fellowship before ministry 
follows. Your activeness in church or things concerning God is not a measure of your 
intimacy and genuine with God. People who want to build intimacy with God are actually 
concerned about the producer of the product and not the product(benefits) itself. They 
fellowship with God because they love and yearn to know him more but not because of the 
favors and great things that come with it. 

I will leave you with the words from Philippians 4:6-7 “But do not be anxious about 
anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present 
to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your 
hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Amen.

NUPS-G...for Christ...

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