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Nana Ama
Name:  Nana Ama Amobea
Programme: Midwifery 3
Wings: Ushering 
Alma mater:    St. Monica's Senior High School


I'm Amobea Nana Ama. I was born on 30th November 1996 at Mampong District Hospital
11:55pm and I'm the second born of three children to Prof. and Mrs. Agyarko. My
Father is a lecturer and my mom is a poultry manager. I began my basic school
education at St. Andrew's Junior High School in Mampong. I then continued to St.
Monica's Senior High School where I served as NUSP-G House coordinator.

Well, I will say, life on campus has been an experience. On Campus I learnt and
discovered a lot of things I didn't know at first, both social and spiritual aspect
of my life such as how to tolerate people and interact with people from different
backgrounds. When it comes to my academic aspect, it is very stressful but God has
been my helper since day one and with Him I am assured "Matthew 19:26"

I'm in ushering wing. I joined ushering because I wanted to do something for God
and that was what my spirit chose among the many. Ushering wing helps me a lot
especially to socialize and to build my Christian life. I'm very open and talk a
lot with my friends and I sleep or listen to music when I am free. I'm not in a
relationship but I’m not against Christians being in relationship as long as you
keep it holy and pure before God.

How I became a born again Christian is a long story but let me try and make it
short. Well, I was born into a good Christian home but I didn’t believe in Jesus.
I thought it was a tradition role for my parents to attend church every Sunday
until the day I needed something no man could provide: the knowledge and
understanding for my academic work. I tried my luck by asking for it and God
granted my wish. I have experienced God's love and kindness uncountable times
which has drawn me closer to him each and every day.

I really love our focus for the semester: "knowing Him experientially". This focus
will help us Christians to experience and know the necessity of encountering the
love of God. Experiencing God's love and kindness increases your faith and belief.
Never give up for the Lord is with you and will carry all your burdens for you,
just trust and obey Him.

NUPS-G...for Christ...


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