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Name:   Osei-Tutu Boakye.
Programme:  Bsc. Statistics 
Wings:   Prayer
Alma mater:    Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School, Legon

My name is Osei-Tutu Boakye.  I was born on 3rd June in Tema. My parents are Mr. and
Mrs Boakye. I have three siblings; two brothers and a little sister. I completed my
basic education at Andy Memorial School in Tema and proceeded to Presbyterian Boys
Secondary School, Legon. In Presec, I was privileged to be the Bible Studies
Coordinator for NUPS-G. I was also SU cell coordinator.

My life on campus has been nice. I'm really enjoying myself. I must admit though that
it's been very stressful you know. I've gathered a lot of nice memories. I'd want to
talk about my experience in Prayer Wing; it has been a blessing in many ways. I
belong to a family on campus and I've learnt a lot from my stay in prayer. Even
though we pray, we also learn and do many more things contrary to the perception
people have about the wing. What keeps me going is the fact that I'm not in
competition with anybody in this life. I have my own race to run so my focus is on
God and the people He has sent to help me achieve that purpose. I'm not moved by the
heights people have reached. I only learn from them but I'm never intimidated by
those things.

I'm a very jovial outgoing person but very serious minded. I believe life is too
short to be restricting yourself too much. I'd say that I try my best to be diligent
in the things of God. By the grace of God, I haven't held any position in KNUST yet.
I got to know Christ certainly through my JY president Mr. Richard at the age of 12.
I'm a proud member of the prayer wing in the church. I chose the wing because I knew
it would help build my Christian walk with God. And like I said earlier it has really
helped me stand as a believer. NUPS-G KNUST service is always amazing. I always look
forward to attending service. I enjoy every bit; from opening prayer to the closing

My studies is going on well so far not withstanding the challenges. When it is time
for Spiritual stuff I do it well. And when it's time for my books too I don't play
around. I learn when I have to because that's one of the major reasons why I'm here
in this school. It's all about prioritizing and making good use of the time you have
to spare. Well, I like to visit my friends a lot and hang out. I also watch sitcoms a
lot: a lot of "foolery". I also enjoy action movies with serious stunts.

Please, no! I have not grabbed yet. Relationship is a very good and important thing
amongst believers. If at the end we are going to get married (which is a form of
relationship), why not prepare ourselves towards it. But it must be done in context
of the Word of God and that alone not worldly principles.

God has a predestined purpose for the life of every believer just like the story of
Abraham. God had a divine purpose of making him the father of many nations. And it
was only through knowing God experientially that Abraham would be able to fulfill
that destiny and purpose. So knowing God experientially is the key to walking in the
perfect will and statutes of God in our lives. In this life we're not in competition
with anyone. The only person we should strive to be better than is our former self.
Our targets should not be to conform to the status quo but to conform rather to the
standards of God. Which are available to us through His Word and His called and
anointed servants.

NUPS-G...For Christ...

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