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Name: Portia Astwei Tetteh
Programme: Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics 4
Wings:  R. G. C. & L. O. V. 
Alma mater:  St. Mary's S.H.S

Portia Atswei Tetteh is my name. I was born and raised in La, a suburb of the Greater 
Accra Region. I’m a final year Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics student. 
Coming from a family of six (my parents inclusive), I happen to be the first of four 
children. I have two brothers and a sister. I had my basic education at Burma Camp 
Basic School (complex). I then proceeded to St. Mary’s Senior High School (Accra) 
where I had my Secondary education. I was given the opportunity to serve as the 1st 
Assistant Health Prefect, Science club Project coordinator, and NUPS-G financial 
secretary in Senior High School.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior back then in JHS during one of our 
Wednesday worship sessions and ever since then, I have availed myself to constantly 
walk with the Lord by the help of the Holy Spirit. Life on campus has not been an easy 
one but through it all God has been faithful (and He is still faithful). I believe 
that God will never take me to a place His love could not sustain me. Therefore, I 
constantly draw my strength from him.

Here on KNUST campus, I was privileged to serve the department of Building Technology 
in the 2016/2017 academic year as the women’s commissioner. NUPS-G KNUST also gave me 
the opportunity to serve as the Independence Hall Representative and I am currently 
the Garlands of Grace Head.

With the help of God, I structure my academic life around my spiritual life, such 
that there is a balance between both. I always want to see people happy and therefore 
love to encourage people when they are down. At my leisure time, I read and listen to 
music. I am a member of the Royal Generation Choir (RGC). I Joined RGC because, I 
deemed it a privilege to join this wonderful family as we minister through spiritual 
songs. NUPS-G services are a blessing to me and I never wish to miss any program being 
organized because, I find great joy in fellowshipping with such a lovely family.

Myles Munroe once said in his book titled, ‘WAITING AND DATING’ that: “Successful 
singles find their personal identity and sense of wholeness within themselves and in 
relationship with God and for such people being in a relationship is an added blessing; 
it is icing on the cake.” I therefore want to use this as an opportunity to advice the 
church never to rush nor be intimidated into any relationship until we have attained 
that personal identity and sense of wholeness in Christ. Our relationships should 
therefore be based on the word of God in that we strive to keep it pure, devoid of any 
act which may lead to sin.

Concerning the focus for the semester, it is for such a time as this when we believers 
ought to have a renewal of mind and allow the Holy Spirit to be our helper in eschewing 
the desires of the flesh as we embrace the new life that has been freely given unto us 
by faith in God. Let us always take our problems to the THRONE and not to the PHONE, 
channeling all our fears into faith and focusing on God who is the author and finisher 
of our faith.

NUPS-G...for Christ.

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