Profile | Priscilla Agyeiwaa Ofori

Name: Priscilla Agyeiwaa Ofori
Programme: Publishing Studies 3
Wings: Choir & Organising
Alma mater:  Serwaa Kesse Girls SHS

My full name is Priscilla Agyeiwaa Ofori, a third-year student studying publishing studies 
with printing being my major. I was born in Nsoatre in the Brong Ahafo Region on 8th October
1998. The names of my parents are Mr. Ofori Abraham and Mrs. Ameyaa Salome. I’m the last
born among 22 children.

Handmaids preparatory school and Serwaa Kesse Girls SHS were the schools I attended. I was
the students' chaplain at both levels and the vice president for scripture union at Serwaa
Kesse Girls' in the 2015/2016 academic year.

Life on campus I always say is a challenging one, but those who prepare themselves for it
find it easy. One of the challenges I had on campus was getting to know people since I knew
no one when I came to first year and one thing that kept me from getting to people was my
inferiority complex. It took so much away but one thing that kept me going was realizing my
worth: who I am in God and the fact that I was very very ok in his sight

I see myself to be a reserved type but also an outgoing one and a very committed Christian.
I was and am the current unity hall representative. I actually had parents who were Christians
and so basically, I was born into the faith and as time went on, I got to know and understand
more about Christ.

I belong to the choir and the organizing wings. I actually chose the organizing wing because
I loved the work, and also the choir because I loved the hymns of the church so much and I
wanted to learn more so I could sing them. These wings have really been of great help to me.
One of them provided an avenue for me to meet people who actually made me feel so much at home.
And with the care and loved they showed through the grace of God, I was able to overcome my
inferiority complex. Another benefit was also getting more experience in working with people
to achieve a common goal or purpose while tolerating others.

One of the challenges this life threw at me was my inferiority complex as stated earlier. I
felt there was nothing good about me, and no one saw anything good about me - not even my
siblings. There were times I felt I did not deserve to continue living and I always saw others
better than myself, but it got to a time when I realized that no one lives for anyone. Your
food will taste good to you based on how you want it and prepare it, so I decided to prepare
the food nicely so that others will also taste and say it is good food and all that was made
possible by the grace of God and He constantly reminded me I was ok for him.

One of the principles I hold on to is the saying that there is a time for everything and time
is very precious so I do not waste it. I schedule my activities for days so I know when and
what to do at a time although I must admit sometimes it is stressful. But the grace of God sees
me through.

I love singing and listening to music and sometimes reading. I am single. I believe most
couples, before they are given the title of husband and wife, were in relationships and so to
me, there is nothing wrong with being in a relationship, but what you should know is that you
are not married and so avoid performing the roles of a husband or a wife until you get married.
And make sure for the time you'll be together you will know the person.

I believe the semester's focus (which is walking in the love of God from Ephesians 3:14-19) is
about getting to know God and getting closer to him not as some kind of formality but through
love because God himself is love and so as we walk in Him it is not just a pass by, but
actually getting deeper into Him.

Finally, I want to say that Christianity is not just a name or a title which anyone can take
upon himself or herself but it is a lifestyle that shows who we are not only on the outside
but on the inside as well.

NUPS-G...for Christ...


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