Article | Along the Dusty Road

Until you’ve walked the road that I’ve trod,

And pushed your foot in my shoes,

And felt how worn out they are,

Because of the distance I’ve traveled,

And realize there is no difference between

Walking with them on and without them on

You can never tell me you know how I feel.


There are times

Situations could bring my tear glands to task

My tears are a language only God understands.

I laugh every day

Without one knowing what’s really going on in my head.

I smile every morning because I have life.

I go through every week hoping that things will get better.

I count the months of disappointments,

But I do know the years of victory will not only come

But they will be sweet too.

God never gives us more than we can bear,

I’m going to continue walking,

No matter how hot the sun is,

No matter how dusty the day gets,

No matter how cold the night is,

No matter how lonely I feel.

I will always be grateful to God

I believe in the plan God has for my life,

I may fall short, but He never lets me go.

I may stumble, but He uphold me with His hand.

Thank you, Father, for your grace and mercy

That have brought me through.

I’m living this very moment at the expense of Jesus Christ.



Author: Abayah Aaron Teye

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