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I am Ampene Gyau Richard. I attended Bishop Herman College and held the following positions: I was the prayer secretary for Evangelical Presbyterian Students’ Union (EPSU) in second year and became the president of the union in third year. Concurrently, I was the Business Club President in my third year. Life on campus has generally been great. My early years here on campus were not easy. I was faced with financial constraint, but God has always been with me. I quiet remember entering some covenant with HIM before entering university. I knew what was ahead and had to solely rely on God for sustenance and success. HE kept me through. Come and see how good the Lord has been. He has kept HIS covenant with me. Forevery semester and academic year, I have helpers coming my way to assist me in one way or the other.This was really refreshening. The Lord keeps on burdening with business ideas and all, but I looked at my situation (as at then) and saw no life in such businesses. One day, I decided to take a bold step to start something. Sincerely speaking, I did not know how I was going to fund it. Hmm, I opened a barber in this same situation not knowing how the funds came in. There are aspects of it that I had to do some manual labor to gather some monies for it meanwhile, I was also burdened with academic fees and all. This same wage was used to cater for fees, and I still found my way out starting up the business. What manual labor could one do within vacation period to raise such huge money? It’s funny but I did by God’s grace. Sadly, the shop started not long enough and was closed for almost a year due to some challenges beyond my control. I wanted to give up, but I always had this conviction “You come from a background where you don’t easily give up.” This statement has kept me moving anytime the voice of giving up comes my way.Thank God it (barber shop) has started operating now. I pray the Lord sustains it and cause it to increase. I received a burden early this semester to enter a BIRKENSTOCK business which I guess quite a few of you might be aware of. I did gladly and God has been so good. There are many things I couldn’t share in this write up. I am talking about business because that has been the church’s focus in the past few days. Sar/ma, it is possible to rise from nothing to something. I testify to the glory of God. Start doing something if you are convicted. Keep praying! While you pray, be attentive to the voice of the Lord. was very reserved. Looking at what God is doing in my life and where He is driving me too, I decided to work on it and gradually, I am coping. I must say, NUPS-G has also been of great help to me. All the wonderfupeople I have met have one way or the other, helped shape my life. God bless anyone who has impacted my life in any way. I really appreciate you all. I have been a committed Christian right from childhood. I was the Queens Hall Rep for prayer wing in second year and now the Intercessory Department Head for Prayer Wing. Hmm, growing up, it was as if everyone (family) were against me. I never did anything right in their sight. It was a bad feeling for me. I thought I was doing everything right to. Sad enough, it looked like anytime I go for JY services, everything they will preach about was directly piercing my heart. I was bad. I wanted to stop church, but this certainly cannot happen in my father’s house. I guess that was God hunting for me. I decided to surrender and seek Him so I could be free. And that was where everything started. He literally transformed me into who I am today. I am in Prayer wing. I recently joined Coordinate and Transport wing. I chose prayer because I had always loved praying and coming to meet great people who are anointed than I am, I saw it as an opportunity to learn and receive from them. Truly, some imparted my life. I joined the other wings to learn from them and to make new friends as well. I needed to widen my scope. Even though I have other fellowships I attend, I do not take NUPS-G’s services lightly at all. NUPS-G Services have been transformative and educational. Very powerful in its sense of package. Every service has a package it offers me. It has really helped me. I have faced persecution during my tenure of office as the president in SHS. Several times I have been whipped for praying. I have been asked to kneel and walk with my knees on the metaled road before just because I was praying. I was almost sacked from the school just because I was praying. I never stop. I kept praying because spiritually, the students we attacked. I have experienced a little family rejection because of my academia but I kept moving. I had to do series of manual labor just to be able to settle my fees and all. I had already chosen Jesus during these times, so I saw no pain in any of these but rather had too through them duly. To me, its part of the Christian journey so I had to go through. These difficult times have strengthened my faith in God. It was worth it. Let’s note thatSatan is not responsible for all our hardships. There are situations that come to strengthen us. Studies have been cool. Not always as expected but generally, it has been great. I have busy schedules often so I try to attend every lecture and after seek help with those I couldn’t understand. This has been very helpful. I have the rest of the time for church and friends.  I listen to Christian music and preaching most often. I also watch videos on YouTube usually to perfect my barbering skills. Believers who are in relationships per my view, is notbad thing at all. In fact, we must encourage godly relationships. You can be in a relationship and still live pure even though it isn’t easy. We strive for the best, but we must also know that there could be exceptions. It is very prudent that we find our way back to the cross if we fall in any way. To be great in this kingdom is to serve (Mark 9:35). Service and in the kingdom way, is not only done in church but should be the lifestyle of the believer. We cannot become great in this kingdom without serving. Service is a coworker of humility, and they work in the same department of life. Subscribe to them and your ego can no longer be a stumbling blog for you. Whatever you find yourself doing, do it as if you are doing it for God. God bless youEach and everyone of us have something to offer the church (body of Christ) and the world at large. We may fail if we want to apply prayer where calculative measures need to be considered. Our ability to know what, when and how to use the available tools or weapons is our gateway to success. Be prone to change. Be ready to learn. Believe that everything is possible as far as God is concerned. Don’t give up easily but keep pressing until you attain your height. Stay blessed! Shalom!

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