Profile | Felicia Agyeiwaa Dankwah

Name: Felicia Agyeiwaa Dankwah
Programme: BSc. Biological Sciences
Wings: Ushering
Alma mater: OLA Senior High School, Ho.


I am Felicia Agyeiwaa Dankwah. The 1st of July is my birthday. I have four siblings. I hail from Kwahu Abetifi in the Eastern Region. I live at East Legon- Mempeasem. I attended OLA Senior High School in Ho.

To start with, life on campus has been generally cool. I say this in a generic way because there are times when things like academic work for instance, get too plenty and I'd have to figure out a way to get everything done well, and looking at how you would have to work things out in balancing your academic life, spiritual life and social life without getting stressed out or making one outweigh the other. It hasn't been easy but I just try to keep it cool and going.

I am that cute, reserved, calm, lively and sociable lady when you get to know me well. NUPS-G KNUST has been an amazing and wonderful students union, which has helped me developed a lot in my spiritual life, I would say I am a better person now. God bless NUPS-G KNUST. When I initially became a part of NUPS-G KNUST, I didn't really have it in mind to join a wing but eventually a friend convinced and introduced me to join Ushering Wing. I really love it there and never have I regretted being joining such an amazing family. I am currently the Ushering Wing's prayer secretary, all thanks to God Almighty. I am positive about the spiritual growth of the wing taking effect in all other aspects of their life and NUPSG as a whole. Ushering wing has taught me to love unconditionally, to always be ready and willing to do something for the Lord.

I have encountered several challenges but currently it has to do with keeping my life consistently balanced academically, spiritually and socially. Once in a while you would realize an aspect of your life is lagging behind, and you need to bring yourself back on track. I believe it is essential for proper development as an individual (a child of God). How do you do this? By planning your life. It starts by planning how your day goes.

I love learning something new, reading, listening to music, watching movies and cartoons. lol. I love to help people if it's within my reach. I enjoy talking to people to help them lighten up themselves. In life, you need to always have that oil of joy in all circumstances. It wouldn't be easy but just find it within you. I believe it keeps the devil confused and unhappy.

Finally, I would like to say that, I know I'm special and so are you. Each and every individual God brought to this earth. We are all special in different ways. The Good Lord has beautiful plans for us in the near future, that could be tomorrow or some years to come. Always feel special, know who you are in Christ and live blessed life. Thank you.

NUPS-G.... For Christ.



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