Profile | Nana Kwame Sasu Ansong

Name: Nana Kwame Sasu Ansong
Programme: BSc. Civil Engineering
Level: 300
Department: Men of Valor (MoV)
Alma mater: Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School - Legon


Nana Kwame Sasu Ansong is my name. I was born on 27th November 1999. I am 20 years of age, thanks be to God. I was brought into this world by God through Mr. Emmanuel Bamfo Ansong and Mrs. Lydia Ansong. I am the last born of 3 children following 2 ladies (Afua Gyemfa Ansong & Adwoa Safoah Ansong). Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School-Legon is my alma mater.


I was born into a Christian home. I grew up knowing God but there were some ups and downs that caused me stumble. Praise be to God Most High, my conversion that is total submission came as a result of teachings from my JY teachers and parents. So I believe I was a kid then but because of my readiness to hear the word of God. So I realized in this Christian Life, it's a journey n transition so let's keep on praying to God about the things we want to eliminate.

After accepting Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, things haven't been the same anymore. Less to talk about is my joy in the Lord; I feel renewed every blessed day. He now guides my path and always let His light shine for me that I will not hit my leg or fall in a pit just as He promised me. I'm really happy with my new me. Though secondary and tertiary education has impacted my Life but rather in the Godly way and I always thank God for that.

God told me, He will not leave me and neither will He forsake me and He fulfilled it so my brethren believe also and be saved.


Nups-g... For Christ.




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