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Name: Obed Amoawusu William
Programme: Busines Administration (Human Resource Management)
Level: 400
Wings: Prayer
Alma mater: Kumasi High School.


I am Obed Amoawusu William, the third of 4 siblings, born to Rev. Benjamin Wiafe Appiah and Mrs Patricia Wiafe Appiah. It has been my unquenchable urge ever since I accepted Christ to seek a world that is set ablaze for God.

I had a very rough beginning before I accepted Christ. I lived comfortably in fornication and I was so used to it that I didn't need a change of life. It was an embarrassing situation to my parents because it is indeed painful to raise a child in a Christian and specifically a priestly home and lose him to the devil.

I manipulated the lives of a lot of young ladies, who could have served in the vineyard of our Lord. The saddest part of all these is that, throughout all those times, I would still go to Church on Sundays and worship with Christians.

To cut the very long story short, along the line in Senior high school, there was a period in my second year after losing elections for the school prefects position, I suffered a massive rejection by some teachers and even people I could call friends, in the midst of this emotional trauma, it occurred to me to attend field prayer meetings which I would never do on a normal day, (at least we are told that God loves us even with our sins and at our weakest points). To my surprise, after a while of attending these meetings, I started sensing peace in my spirit and this urged me to continue. These frequent prayers I prayed filled with unbelief that God wouldn't hear me; gradually healed me and I finally surrendered it all to Christ at a revival program that was organized for the student body within the same period. After this encounter, my life took a different shift and the apostolic seed which I believe was sown in me long before I accepted Christ started growing at a rapid pace. Today I can proudly by the Grace of God say that, even I also lead others to Christ.

By this summary of my life, I seek to encourage all readers, it doesn't matter what you find yourself doing against the will of God, come to Jesus just as you are, for He is faithful to accept and transform you and your since won't matter anymore.

God bless you.

NUPS-G.......For Christ.



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