Profile | Vera Asiedu

Name: Vera Asiedu
Programme: BSc. Business Administration
Level: 300
Wing: Vessels of Honour

Alma mater: Ofori Panin Senior High School


My name is Vera Asiedu. I was born on the 5th of June, 1997. I love watching movies and cooking

I grew up in a Christian home alright but I really didn't know all about accepting Christ although I was taught in church concerning that. I made that bold step of accepting Christ after junior high school, when one of my aunties made me understand what it really meant to be a Christian. Since that day, I've just been living my life having Christ in the center of it all.

It hasn't been an easy journey especially with the ups and downs the pain and hurts, the tears and all. There were times where I felt like I wasn't going to make it. I felt like just giving up and not fighting anymore.

But indeed we serve a living God. During those times, I found strength that I couldn't tell where it came from. I kept going on and on till this very moment that I'm still moving. Being celebrated this day, I call it grace. Someone once said to me that, "before you can be really recognized in a church, it should be one with a small congregation where you can be easily noticed". But then I said to myself, “if my time is due and I'm chosen, irrespective of the thousands, my sparkle will be seen by all".

Throughout my years of being in Christ, I've come to learn that God works according to time, your substance and his plans. Wherever I find myself or whatever I find myself doing, I put in all my best knowing that it will become very useful or it will take me a step closer to God's plan for my life.

Where there's bitterness, there's definitely some sweetness. You've just got to find it. Although there have been difficulties, God has been so amazing. The surprises, words of inspiration and all he has been giving me outweigh the so called difficulties. Whoever says there's no God definitely needs a checkup. He's been there all through it all and I can never thank him enough.

I believe we all have a part to play in this Christian race and so whatever you have been assigned to do, do it with every bit of you each and every day like there's no tomorrow. You don't know what you are to do?  Let me tell you. It is that good thing you are doing. Trust me, it will pay off.

NUPS-G......For Christ.




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