Jude Nii Sai Scholarship Fund


Established on 16th September 2012, the Jude Nii Sai Richter fund honours the memory of Jude Charles Nii Sai Richter. Jude Nii Sai Richter passed on to his maker shortly after his university education. He was the President and Chairman of the NUPS-G KNUST Local &Coordinating Branch during the 2011/2012 Academic & Spiritual Year.

He successfully handed over at the local level and would have done same at the Coordinating Branch level on the 18th August 2012 but for the glorious call by his maker on 25th June 2012.

The then Executive Board then led by Mr. Michael Owusu by a unanimous decision during an Executive meeting on 16th August 2012 proceeded to rename the existing NUPS-G KNUST Education Fund in honour of the memory of Jude Nii Sai Richter and to give a well-defined structure and modus operandi of the new Scholarship Fund.

The fund started with GHS 5,418.00. GHS 252.11 of this amount was from the NUPS-G Education Fund while GHS 4453.63 was realized on 16th September 2012 during a fund raising in support of the scheme. The balance was as a result of later donations by certain individuals.


The Jude Nii Sai Richter Scholarship Fund provides financial support to needy students who are members of the NUPS-G KNUST Local. The Scholarship grant covers some or all of the school fees of successful applicants for one academic year.


The Executive Board shall have final authority over the operation of the Jude Nii Sai Richter Scholarship Fund. The Executive Board shall delegate responsibility for operation of the Fund to a duly appointed Committee headed by the Welfare Chairperson of the Union. The Committee shall be known as the Scholarship Committee and herein after be known as the committees.

The Committee shall comprise;

  • The Union’s Welfare Chairperson;
  • An Advisory Board Representative;
  • The Union’s Prayer Secretary and;
  • Other two members of the Union (preferably alumni).


Priority is given to undergraduate applicants to the JNSR Scholarship Fund. A one-time (per academic year) scholarship grant shall be issued to deserving members and may be renewed upon another application subject to the previous process of award of Scholarship.

Persons eligible for Scholarship grant shall:

  • Be an individual who has been an active member of the Union for at least one full semester at the time of application;
  • Have a membership card and have paid membership dues
  • Be regular at church meetings and be seen to contribute and participate in church activities for at least one full semester
  • Be a member of any of the Union’s Wings or Departments for at least one full semester at the time of the application
  • Shall not be a beneficiary of another Scholarship