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Begoro Presbyterian Senior High School

My name is Kingsley Agyei born in Bechem in the Ahafo region on November 19th.

I’m the last of five siblings born to Mrs. Faustina Addae and Mr. Frank Acheampong. Had my pre-tertiary education at Presbyterian Senior High School-Begoro. I was the NUPS-G prayer secretary during my second year and the president in my third year. Life on campus then wasn’t that easy, it taught me how to be a fighter and not to give up. Most of the things I encountered brought to my understanding that if we can sacrifice for God, then he can also sacrifice for us.To me, life on campus was full of sacrifice and manifesting Christ.

I would say I’m a committed Christian and also a little reserved, I’m an expert in minding my own business and I think that has saved me from a lot of trouble.

On campus KNUST, NUPS-G to be precise I occupied the office of a Deliverance team head for two academic years by God’s grace. Getting to know God I would say wasn’t intentional until 2014. Before then, like every other person, I go to church, live a good moral life and even do God’s work until 2014 on Atwea mountains a man preached a message that change the course of my life. I went forward to declare my stand as the altar call was made and till date I don’t regret choosing Jesus.

I’m a proud member of the prayer and organizing wing. Prayer wing taught fellowship with the brethren and made me to understand that we are strong when we stand with each other. Organizing wing on the other hand taught me how to use what I have and what I know to serve in the house of God. NUPS-G KNUST service I would say has got all the vibes, the energy, it is what we would call a youthful church.

Life always presented many challenges one of such was the lost of a nephew, the one that took much prayer until it came forth and was lost in a twinkling of an eye. It struck me so hard and shook my faith in God, but I found peace as I pondered on his words. I understood that tough times don’t last, it is tough men that do. The word of God brought me peace and comfort in those times and helped me back on my feet again.

I like to read and do more designs and editing at my leisure hours since I’m a graphic designer myself. I believe God wants us to excel as Christians and the fact that we are spiritual does not mean we are foolish. Despite my commitment to God’s work, I make time for my books. Planning and organization has been a key in helping me blend my spiritual life and academic life. No spiritual man is disorganized not even in his academics; our proof of walking with God should also reflect in our academics.

My view on believers who are in relationship I would say it’s not a bad thing. It only becomes bad when they start stepping beyond boundaries and entering territories reserved for the married. My advice to anyone in a relationship is that, they know their limit and engage self-control; and to us who are yet to enter, may we define purpose well and choose right.

Refined through intimacy is not a topic to be treated; is a life meant to be lived. Live everyday at anyplace in the presence of God, learn to have fellowship with Him in the secret place. Our open life should resonate from our secret walk with Him.

Lastly, to anyone reading this, you are unique and it is in your uniqueness that you function well. Don’t compromise, focus, what you dreamed about is achievable. You are not alone, seek help when you need it and above all make God your refuge and He will never fail you.


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