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BSc BDS Dental Surgery - 200
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Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ Senior High School

My name is  Precious Ann Effah-Yeboah. I was born on the 2nd of October in Offinso but I’ve lived most of my life in Accra and Kumasi. I am the  second of four children born to Mr. Fred Effah-Yeboah and Mrs. Vida Effah-Yeboah.

I attended  Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ Senior High School  where I was the General Secretary for the Presbyterian and Methodist Students’ Union (PMSU) from 2018-2019.

Life on campus has really been an interesting one. Meeting people from all walks of life opens you up to new things, different characters and qualities and so many other experiences. Also the education system in the tertiary is quite different from the normal kind of training we get right from basic level to the Senior High School level in a sense that, what is learnt  this time around should not just be in your memory but  applicable in solving problems  we encounter in our day to day activities..

In all things, it is the grace of God, my family and the godly company I have around me that keeps me going. Although people see me to be extroverted, I am a very reserved person who only comes out in an environment I feel comfortable in. I try to maintain constant fellowship  with the Holy Spirit  and spread the love of God to  others.

I’ve not held any leadership roles  in the university.

Growing up in a Christian home, it was easy getting to hear about God but  getting to know him  has been about purposing in my heart to have a close relationship with him.

I am a member of Vessels of Honour ( which is is not just a wing but a family). I joined  Vessels because right from the start, I have been into poetry and dancing. I chose Vessels of Honour  not just because it was the wing the person scouting told me about but because from the very first day I stepped at a Vessels rehearsals, I felt a sense of belonging  and I was impacted by the first Vessels ministration I witnessed and would never trade that decision for anything.

NUPS-G services have been inspiring  and great . From the ministrations by the ministering wings, to the dancing during praises and the chance to listen to word of God from multiple men  and women of God. The service been held very early  gives you the chance to rest and do other things with the rest of the day.

I have faced a number of challenges but one thing I’ve learnt is that, trying to manage things your own way will not get them done. The only way to solve your problems is to allow God.

I am a Dental Surgery student and honestly blending academics with my spiritual life hasn’t been easy. I have learnt to make sacrifices in both aspects so that every side will thrive and by God’s grace,  I am succeeding.

I love to watch movies and basketball , write spoken word pieces and journal.

Have I grabbed? LOL, I’m single. But I think there  should be nothing stopping you from getting into a relationship if you are well prepared to make certain sacrifices and not make your life fully dependent on that relationship but on God’s guidance.

This semester’s focus is refined through intimacy. The focus teaches us to allow all the impurities or unwanted elements that is the sin in us be removed by process of intimacy with God. Doing that means spending more quality time with God and just as they say that the more time you spend with someone, the more you behave similar, I believe that intimacy will eventually force all the sun and unwanted elements in us to gradually be reduced.

Always be who you are and never  compromise yourself for anything that doesn’t glorify God.

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    Edward Oware
    "...trying to manage things your own way will not get them done. The only way to solve your problems is to allow God" Wow! Thank you Ma. I've learnt a lot from this