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Maame Afua
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BEd. Junior High School Education - 300
Alma Mater
St Roses Senior High School

Kelvina Maame Afua Mensah is my name and was born on 10th November. I am the 2nd of 5 lovely girls by Mr. and Mrs. Mensah.

I attended St Roses Senior high school and it's Catholic. Always saying Apostles Creed and all like I mean it's very worrisome.

Anyways I loved my stay and I was in both choral and the contemporary choir  in school.

I was LOV rep for NUPSG in the 2021/2022 academic year and currently the Independence hall rep for the KNUST local. It's been amazing working in both tenure of offices. I sometimes wonder how the passion and zeal comes from. Jesus is the goal.

Inspiration: I'm inspired by people of God. Seeing young youth ,ministers and preachers who are desperate to see and burn for God moves me and makes me know that I can do better for God. I just need to keep pushing harder.  My favorite character in the bible is King David .

Fav quote: If you persevere you will conquer ,never fear try again

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