The NUPS-G Choir is a wing amongst other wings of the union which also seeks to make the union apt to handle the rising spiritual demands of her members.

NUPS-G Choir makes music to our Lord and the church through the singing of hymns, choral songs, and other spiritual songs as we have been admonished to do in Ephesians 5:19.

The Choir leads the congregation in singing at divine services and also trains its members to sing diligently at any other time and place.

What God needs from you is to set yourselves apart and the Holy Spirit will minister through you in songs as you reach out to believers and lost souls.

We are open to any member, associate member, and alumni of the National Union of Presbyterian Students Ghana (NUPS-G) KNUST.

Aim and objectives

To sing psalms and hymns as a form of ministration to glorify God.

2.       To train and develop singers as well as instrumentalists.

3.       To raise people who can fit into the choir in our mother churches.

4.       To help members identify their ministry.

5.       To minister spiritual songs to transform lives.


1.       Harmonics

2.       Prayer

3.       Organizing

4.       Welfare

Sing, Praises; Sing Praises, To God; Sing Praises To God, Amen